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ECO-Flow Septic systems

ECO-Flow Septic systems

For decades in rural homes septic systems have been installed the same way, the biggest thing about a septic system is that you needed to leave a lot of room for the system to be installed limiting the available area you have left after the house has been constructed. Out buildings, decks, pools, driveways and playgrounds all had to be kept away from these area's.

This has changed with the ECO-FLOW system. The Eco-flow system takes up a lot less room then conventional septic systems, the reason that Eco-flow takes up less room is that there is no septic bed.

The basic septic system is a three part system; a concrete tank, followed by a large septic bed that is basically perforated piping, the piping is encased in sand that is referred to as the septic bed.

The Eco-flow system doesn’t have this septic bed or the perforated pipe that is encased in it.

You still have a concrete septic tank where the waste water is collected, after that the waste water flows into a fiberglass holding tank that is filled with pete moss. The pete moss removes all the bacteria and then releases the water. The water isn’t released into perforated pipes, it is released into an area that is filled with sand.

There is no piping needed and the sand area is a lot smaller than the typical septic tile bed system.

The reason that it doesn't require a conventional septic bed is because of the pete moss in the fiberglass tanks. The pete moss helps absorb the harmful bacteria allowing the waste water to be released directly into the sand bed without any harmful affects to the environment.

This type of septic system is one of the most advanced residential septic systems in today’s market. The only down side to this system is the cost, it is one of the most expensive systems that you can install.
Another advantage to this system is that for larger homes instead of installing multiple septic systems to handle the larger capacity you simple add a second or third fibre glass tank that is full of Pete moss. The system is quiet easily upgraded at later dates.

Rob Abbott
Operations Manager
Village Builders Inc.

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