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Window trends in custom homes 2013

Window trends 2013

Here are some trends in windows being installed in custom homes for 2013. Some of the trends have started this year (2013), a lot of trends where started in the 2012 construction year and continued into this calendar year. There are trends that have been sustained year over year as well; they are considered the long running trends.

Window trends in homes for 2013

Here are a list of trends that have stayed the same over the last couple of years;

For renovations the most popular window to be installed as replacements is still vinyl clad windows.

Higher end homes are still opting for windows with clear pine finishes on the inside allowing them to be either stained or painted, leaving a higher end finish.

Most popular still in custom homes is aluminum clad windows on the exterior of the home with wood finishing’s on the inside.

Crank opening windows are by far the most popular form of windows in custom homes, far exceeding single or double hung windows.

Because most windows are crank opening windows almost all the windows we install have the screens on the interior side.

For vinyl clad windows white is by far the most popular window colour for the exterior finish.

For aluminum clad windows, dark colours have become the most popular, the aluminum allows for dark colours to stand up to harsh environments and will keep its colour longer.

In larger windows, transoms above the windows are still the most popular way to let light in and also help dress up a larger window giving it more character.

Large or oversized French doors leading outside to a deck or balcony are a standard thing in custom homes; they are an upgrade on the look and function of patio sliding doors.

Patio sliding doors are usually made by Pella doors for their reliability, beauty and functionality. The interior finish is usually a clear pine.

Full round or half round windows are being used as an accent and also to help break up the standard square or rectangle bank of windows in homes today.

Here is a list of newer trends for this year;

UV coatings are becoming increasingly more popular as people look to protect their furnishings from the harsh sun especially on the Southern exposure of the home.

Solar gain and solar limiting are increasing in popularity, these new types of windows help balance the homes heating and cooling and reduce the utility bills overall.

Tilt and slide or roll and slide patio doors have really started to become popular, people wanting more of a view and the ability to let the outdoors in without the heavy cumbersomeness of an oversized patio door.

Vanishing screens have become a lot more popular lately; the screen rolls up into a holder at the edge of the door out of the way, these screen types are less likely to be damaged from children, animals and harsh winter storms.

Nano or folding doors have become all the rage, instead of windows on either side of a patio or a pair of French doors, nano/folding doors can be as wide as you want them to be. I have seen plans for a folding door system that was 28 feet wide. It’s like a wall of windows that fold in on themselves to create an outdoor space.

Banks of windows is the fast evolving trend in custom homes. Instead of extremely large windows architects are drawing many smaller windows in series.

Instead of bay windows that hang out of homes, architects are designing the floor plan to hang out like a bay window allowing for the creation of a unique space and increasing the view and the angle of which you can accept sunlight.

Solar powered skylights are all the rage right now, the solar unit powers the opening and closing mechanism on the sky light. This allows you in a renovation to not worry about wiring the skylight with electrical supply power.

These are some of the trends in 2013 that I have noticed, as like all trends things are constantly changing and evolving.

Rob Abbott
Operations Manager
Village Builders Inc.

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  1. I would really like to have UV tinted windows installed in my home. Sometimes the glare hits me right in the eye and I get a headache. I'd like to have a little bit more shade without having to cover the windows completely. I think this might be a good option.