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2014 master bedroom trends in custom homes

2014- Master Bedrooms trends

As we have progressed into the 2014 residential construction season trends are starting to appear in the master bedrooms of custom homes. There are trends that have continued from previous years and there are trends that have disappeared from previous years. Here is a brief summary of the trends in master bedrooms that we are seeing this year.

Master bedrooms

Here is a list of the trends that have stayed the same over the last several years;

People opting to place their master bedroom on the first floor of two story homes.

The master bedroom is one of the few places left in custom homes that have ceiling fans.

Master bedrooms are turning into master suites. The suites are bathroom, walk-in closet, bedroom and usually a sitting area.

With the multiple rooms hallways in master suites are now prevalent.

Carpets are still the most wanted flooring in master bedrooms.

Coffered ceilings with lighting and crown moldings to give a dramatic affect.

Gas fireplaces set opposite to the bed placement to help set the mood and regulate the temperature for sleeping and relaxing.

Custom blinds and drapes so that homeowners can sleep later in the morning after the sun has risen.

As master bedrooms have grown in size so has the size and amount of the windows along with them.

Makeup tables with extra lighting are being added in the bedrooms to allow women to prepare without having to take over the ensuite bathroom.

Wall hung televisions with all the wiring buried in the walls.

Balconies and decks with glass French doors leading to them allow some private outdoor space and so give the master a better view.

Sound dampening in the walls of master bedrooms to keep the sounds inside and out from migrating.

Here a list of the new trends happening in master bedrooms;

Wood floors are making a comeback in master bedrooms, taking over where carpets have always been more prevalent.

Cathedral ceilings to give a more dramatic feel.

Stone and wood feature walls placed behind the bed; floor to ceiling.

More lighting is being added; potlights, chandeliers and wall sconces. All on different switching to allow the option for setting the mood.

Master bedrooms are becoming a more open modern feel with bathrooms having no door from the bedroom into the bathroom.

Audio wiring in the walls attached to a system that allows wireless control of audio music located just in the bedroom.

These are some of the most popular trends in master bedrooms in custom homes today. Trends in custom homes are very fluid, a lot of times custom home trends only last as long as it takes to build a custom home and other times depending on how expensive the trend is it can last several years.

Rob Abbott
Operations Manager
Village Builders Inc.

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