Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Do i have to Drywall my attached garage in my new home?


Do I have to drywall my attached garage of my new home?


The simple answer to this question is that you should drywall your entire garage of your new home.

Legally you only have to drywall the wall that separates your garage from your home, that only applies to attached garages. It doesn’t just have to be boarded it also needs to be mudded, not finished but mudded at the least.

The reason for this is so that the wall between the garage and the liveable space of the home is what is called “gas proofed”. This basically means that any fumes from a running automobile will not be able to leave the garage and enter the home where they could injure or kill someone with carbon monoxide.

If you have a room above the garage then the ceiling of the garage must be drywalled and mudded also for the same gas proofing reasons.

The reason that I recommend that you drywall your entire garage regardless of what needs to be gas proofed is because it is always cheaper and simpler to do it before you have moved in. After you have moved in to your new home finishing the garage becomes a more difficult job. You will have to empty it and find a place for all your stuff that you have been storing in your garage. Drywalling is a dirty procedure and doing it later will but just inconvenience you, it will also allow drywall dust and footprints covered in drywall dust into your new home.

If you finish the entire garage then you can install whatever kind of storage or racking system that your needs require, this allows you to move in and put things away immediately instead of moving and sorting boxes many months or years later.

Drywalling your entire garage is better for the resale value of the home, it presents the home as well maintained and gives the feeling of a home that is move in ready with little or nothing to do.

Most people enter and exit through their garages, a lot of the guests that are going to come and visit you will enter through the garage and it will become your first impression.

Rob Abbott
Operations Manager
Village Builders Inc.

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