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How to Choose Exterior House Colours

How to Choose Exterior House Colours

The best way to choose exterior house colours is to start with the most limited material. There is an abundance of siding and window dealers, but I bet there is only two or three exterior stone or brick products that you like OR fit into your budget.

There are several things that you should be considering when making these decisions. First, consider the elements and landscaping.  Is the house exposed to direct sunlight that will cause the product to fade overtime? Is there a large tree near the home that will drip sap, if so then you might want to pick a product that will not highlight the mess. Durability is one of the main keys to exterior products, once you find the right product it could end up dictating your colour story.

Some of the best ways to get your idea’s and gather choices is to look at other homes in your area and write down what details you like or don’t like about them. Gather pictures from magazines or from websites. You need to look at the constant in all the images that you have chosen. Take your samples and study them collectively before ordering anything. You should take these samples outside into the natural sunlight; observe how the colour changes with the natural light. Remember that your exterior products will be seen more often than not in natural light.

Purchase test pots and paint large lightweight boards that you can carry around with you.

Remember that there is nothing more uninteresting then painting your garage and front door the same colour.
You need a focal point, and the front door should be a colour all on its own.

If you are struggling with this then you should really hire a professional to help you with it, an interior designer can help bring all the exterior house colours together and make your home look like something that you can be proud of for years to come.

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