Thursday, June 12, 2014

I want to build a custom home; does it have to be a large home?


I want to build a custom home; does it have to be a large home?


Something that people tend to think when they think of custom homes is that they are large homes for the extremely wealthy. That isn’t always the case, the meaning of custom home basically means that the home was built for someone and not built by a track builder in a sub-division where every home is exactly the same.

Custom homes are what the title says; they are customized to the person that it is being built for and nobody else.

Since the home is built for a specific person the home can be as big or as small as they want it to be. Custom home builders do not have a specific size that they work on; they build custom homes no matter what the size, shape or style of them.

The big difference between a custom home and a track built sub-division home is not just the personalization it is also the quality of the home. Custom home builders build anything from a garage to a multi-million dollar home with the same quality, fit and finish.

You can have any size of home built by a custom home builder; the only difference will be that the custom home builder will build you a better quality of home and it will be exactly what you want the home to look and feel like.

Having the home custom built for you will come in handy depending on how small of a home that you want to build. The layout in a smaller home can make all the difference, a properly planned and laid out home can function and feel bigger and better then a large home that is poorly planned out.

When you add in how much longer a custom home will last without major maintenance or repairs plus the energy savings from a well insulated custom home and the higher resale value, the extra cost will pay for itself in short order.

Rob Abbott
Operations Manager
Village Builders Inc.

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