Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Clearview Township is lowering their building and development fees

Clearview Township is lowering their building and development fees

It took a hired consultant to convince the township of Clearview to lower the building fees that they drastically raised some 5 years ago. At the time they did this our President Doug Abbott attended the

Council meeting to urge them not to do this, that doing this would have a negative effect on development  and growth in the entire township.

Cut to 2014 and Clearview Township is one of the only townships that I know of that has a negative growth rate. The council at the time was attempting to raise money by charging people who wanted to move here a surplus “just to have the right to live here”. What has happened is that building in Clearview Township has slowed to a crawl with only the affluent building homes in the area.

When you included all the fees for obtaining a building permit in the Township, especially if you were building in a village or town were so outrageous that most towns and villages experienced little to no new construction.

The new building fees are now more in-line with other municipalities around the area and should help spur on some growth in the region.

The new development fees can be viewed on the Clearview Township website

This should help grow the tax base which will help pay for new services instead of what was previously attempted that of making money off one time building fees that little to no one wanted to pay.

Rob Abbott
Village Builders Inc.

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