Friday, August 15, 2014

The water in the great lakes is up! It’s time for dock maintenance

The water in the great lakes is up! It’s time for dock maintenance

Well we waited years but the water in the great lakes is up, it might only be a short term thing but here’s hoping that this is a long term trend in the proper direction of water levels in the great lakes returning to a more normal level.

Since the water is starting to rise now is the time to inspect that existing dock that has been sitting high out of the water. If the trend of raising lakes levels continues into next year your dock might have water around it again. This is why it is crucial that you take the time to inspect the foundations of your dock and make sure they are still in good repair.

It’s especially important with the amount of ice we ended up having all over the great lakes this winter, ice can cause a lot of damage to docks and their foundations.

It becomes a lot harder job if you have to repair your dock next spring or summer when they are half submerged in water.

When the water dropped to almost record lows most people stopped using or maintaining their docks. Now that the trend of water is starting to come the other way it is more important than ever to check your dock for structural defects or old and rotten boards.

Another reason to inspect your dock now is if you wanted to extend your dock a little farther out or make changes to it now is the time before the water makes it impossible to work out around it.

I extended my dock in a pair of sandals in the spring and now there is a foot of water where only dirt and rock were 3 months ago. Don’t wait, do your dock work this summer.

Rob Abbott
Village Builders Inc.

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