Tuesday, November 4, 2014

How do you install dimple board over waterproofing?


How do you install dimple board over waterproofing?


Once you have installed the waterproofing directly on the foundation then it’s time to install your dimple board.

You must make sure that your dimple board product is either the same height as your waterproofing is from the footing to the edge of it (waterproofing) or have it cover the waterproofing and extend 6 inches above it completely covering the waterproofing.

If the dimple board is to long then cut the excess off the bottom portion of the dimple board near the footing. Do not piece the dimple board if the dimple board is too short, because it will create a possible leak problem through the waterproofing from the fasteners that hold the dimple board on the wall. Always try to buy the dimple board that is the appropriate height it creates less waste and makes for an easier install.

The dimple board is stretched out from the footing to the desired height, stretched out smooth without any ripples, folds or dips. You want to tape any of the vertical seams where the old roll of dimple board and the new roll of dimple board meet. This will prevent dirt and rocks from getting behind the dimple board when it is backfilled.

There is a strip that is attached to the top of the dimple board; this strip covers the top of the dimple board to hold up the material, it also stops dirt and rocks from getting behind the dimple board from the top. The strip is usually attached by using galvanized concrete nails driven through the strip on the top of the dimple board straight into the concrete wall.

There are several different types of dimple boards; some have a filter cloth attached to them, no matter which one you buy it will have to be installed to the manufactures specifications. Usually they are on the material or the box that the material comes in, these specifications will dictate which way the dimple board should be placed against the wall either dimple side out or dimple side in.

When backfilling the house you have to make sure that you do not hit the dimple board with the machine, push any large rocks against it or lift the dirt in a way that causes the dimple board to be creased or disturbed.

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