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Custom Shower Trends 2014 in custom homes

Shower trends 2014

One of the most evolving things in custom homes is bathrooms and the biggest changing thing in that room is the showers. Showers are constantly changing because of trends and technology. Some of these changes have happened this year and are considered new trends and some of the changes have been taken place more slowly over the last couple of years, these changes are considered the longer running trends. The following is a brief list of both types of trends to help you the homeowner educate yourself on your options when you are considering your new bathroom.

The changing shower trends in today’s custom homes

Here is a list of the trends that have stayed the same over the last several years;

Showers having been growing larger and larger, that trend has not slowed done as custom home sizes overall are on the rise again and so are the showers.

Benches. Benches used to be for the elderly or the disabled, not anymore. Homeowners have realized that having a bench makes it easier for women to shave their legs and is a good insurance policy for when they get older and need help when having trouble standing in the shower.

With the higher ceilings in custom homes glass showers are getting taller to reach the ceilings.

Multiple shower heads have become the norm in custom showers; they’re so popular that companies like Kolher are selling them in packages.

Shower heads with slide bars are common in big custom showers.

Chrome is the most common finish on shower fixtures.

Fully tiled showers from floor to ceiling are standard now with less and less people wanting fibreglass shower enclosures.

Even in corner showers that are small they are installing seats in them to allow women the ability to shave their legs easier.

The shower/tub combination has all but disappeared in today’s custom homes, if seen it is in the children’s bathroom.

Clear glass for showers is standard with almost no one adding etching or patterning to the glass.

Marble is used mostly for sills and benches in showers.

Pot lights installed in the ceiling of the showers are standard now with the new pot lights that are water resistant.

Tile has been growing larger and larger in showers and becoming more rectangular in shape.

Tiler made shower nooks are common instead of pre-made ones.

The glass in showers is being built on 4 or 5 inch sills instead of 3 or 4 foot knee walls.

The twin main shower heads has all but disappeared in showers and has been replaced with a single large rain head and multiple body sprayers that are mounted on the walls.

Here is a list of the trends that have started this year and are growing in popularity;

Glass showers are being designed without glass doors. Showers are being designed so that there is ample distance from the shower head or with a corner to restrict the spray of water.

Electronic controlled showers are becoming more popular for homeowners who are looking for something unique and are tech savvy.

Kolher rain heads that are mounted on the ceiling that are so large they require four water feeds because of the amount of water they release.

Satin is becoming more and more popular as it gives the shower a higher end finish then the standard chrome finish.

In larger custom homes that have showers for guest area’s glass is being installed with a privacy finish on them.

There is a growing trend of people opting for granite or Caesar stone sills and benches in the showers to match other granite in the home.

Pre-fabricated bases like the ones from Product Neptune are becoming popular in modern homes where they are looking for a simple white finish that has a clean look to it.

The use of glass instead of tile on the shower walls is starting to become more popular especially in modern homes where people are looking for a clean and simple look. The glass is painted on the backside to whatever colour you desire.

As technology and manufacturing changes so does the look and functionality of how the shower works. When you are planning and designing your new shower in your custom home you should consider the newer trends it will help you narrow down your decisions and make your decisions simpler. Custom showers are custom which mean they can be anything you want them to be and also be as functional as you need them to be.

A custom shower is more restricted by your budget then it will be by your imagination or creativity.

Rob Abbott
Village Builders Inc.

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