Friday, December 19, 2014

What changes or upgrades can I make on my renovation once it has started?


What changes or upgrades can I make once things are underway?


The answer depends on the remodeler, and is something the homeowners need to be clear on before work starts. One advantage of working with a professionally managed company is that the there will be systems for managing such changes smoothly.

Unfortunately, changes can add expense and time to a job. A remodeler with a great preconstruction process will work to ensure that the plans and specs satisfy the homeowners' vision before work starts.

In extremely large renovation jobs it’s unavoidable to end up having changes from the original designs and job descriptions. Because you are not starting new you have to be able to work with the existing structure of the home. Remodelers though knowledgeable about how to renovate all manner of homes do not come with x-ray vision.  This means that they will come upon issues that will require changing the original plan of action to deal with what is found once interior and exterior walls are opened up.

Finding wiring, heating, plumbing and/or gas piping in the walls can require a change of plans as it can be impossible or costly to remove or relocate them from their existing position in the home.
Other problems like rot, improper building practises and updating to newer building codes can also have a great affect on how a renovation unfolds once it starts.

Because of this a professional and well organized remodeler is usually able to upgrade and /or make changes to some parts of the home from the original plan while keeping track of expenses compared to the original estimate.

The changes or upgrades that you want to avoid are the ones that involve redoing or removing work that your remodeling contractor has already completed. This will help ensure that you aren’t wasting your money and your remodeler’s time.

Rob Abbott
Village builders Inc.

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