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Is it cheaper to renovate a ranch style bungalow home then a two story home?


Is it cheaper to renovate a ranch style bungalow home then a two story home?


When you are doing extensive renovations to a home usually there is not a lot of difference in the price to renovate a ranch style or bungalow compared to a two story home. There are some instants that make it more expensive to renovate a two story home over a one story home though.

Because a two story home is higher off the ground it can take longer to work at heights. Working at heights always takes a little longer because of the safety aspect of the work.  The following things can take longer to complete when working at heights;

Siding, stone, brick.

Replacement of windows.

Building of second story decks or balconies.



Electical (potlights, spotlights in the soffit).

If your renovation consists of mostly interior work then the difference in the cost of the two should be relatively the same.

In a ranch style home in the southern states where homes are built slab on grade you could end up with a scenario that you have to bust up concrete floors to run new plumbing lines, electrical or heat lines. The removal of concrete and the replacement can be labour intensive and can add to the cost of the overall renovation.

The key when planning to renovate a home is to try and work with the existing layout of the home.
You can change a lot of things to a home but if you plan to completely change everything about the home it might be more financially viable for you to buy a different home that is closer to what you want. This way it would allow you to spend less on the renovation and more on the finishing’s of the

The biggest cost when renovating is the labour cost, if you can keep the labour cost down then you can help keep the cost of the renovation down as well, this will leave you more money for the finishing’s in your home.

Rob Abbott
Village Builders Inc.

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