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What is the room that has grown the most in custom home?


What is the room that has grown the most in custom home?


The answer might surprise you, the room that has growth the most in custom homes is the MECHANICAL ROOM.

Thanks right the biggest growth in rooms for custom homes is the mechanical room. To a contractor it’s the brains of the house, it’s the place where you can go and learn more about the house with one look then the rest of the house combined.

Mechanical rooms have grown so much because homes have become so complicated in the last decade. There are more systems in custom homes now that are run from the mechanical room than ever before.

The size of your mechanical room will depend on certain factors, they are as follows;

Do you live in the city or the country? Country homes need larger mechanical rooms as there heating systems take up a lot more room.

Is your home a smart home? A smart home has technology built into it that allows the home to be controlled by computers or smart phones.

The overall size of your home. The larger the home the larger the mechanical room because everything that runs the home has to be larger.

Do you only require one mechanical room? In larger homes sometimes it’s easier to have two small mechanical rooms; it is more efficient for the heating systems.

Certain heating systems require more room. Homes with combination heating systems (forced air and in-floor) require more room as it’s basically double the components that have to fit in the room.

Wall space. A lot of things that are installed in custom homes are hung on a wall, things like electrical, alarm and media all require wall space to attached too.

With more options for homeowners to put in their homes like automation of lights and blinds or the extensive way that people are filtering their water requires space in a mechanical room. The best mechanical rooms have space around them so that they can be easily maintained and repaired in the future. Room around equipment also allows the complete replacement of the equipment when the time comes for it to be.

As custom homes continue to grow in size so does their basements, as basements grow in size this has allowed builders to take advantage of this extra space for the use of the mechanical systems. Basically the larger the home is the larger the mechanical room will be required.

When you are designing that custom home for yourself keep in mind that you will need to leave space in the basement for your mechanical room, so don’t get carried away with planning out your

Rob Abbott
Village Builders Inc.

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