Thursday, June 18, 2015

2015 Basement Trends In Custom Homes

2015 Basement Trends

As the cost of construction continues to rise people are looking to maximize the available square footage in their homes. This means that they are looking to achieve more livable space without having to go through the process of adding an addition to the home. One of the easiest ways to do this is to renovate the basement of the home so that it is an enjoyable place to enjoy for the entire family.

Like everything in construction basement finishing’s have gone through a lot of different trends over the decades and that has not changed in recent years.

Basement Trends

Wiring basements with as many potlights as possible. Potlights work really well in basements because a lot of basements have lower than normal ceilings.

Creating a home theatre. Home theatres work best when there is a limited or no light. Most basements have small windows that can easily be covered.

Wood panels. Instead of drywall a lot of people are installing wooding paneling or trim on board. This finishing material is more hardy to moisture then drywall and will take a little more of a beating.

Use lighter or brighter paint colours. This gives the room the feel of a more open feeling.

Hardwood flooring is a big trend now in basements. Usually lighter in colour then new engineered flooring stands up to moisture and damp basement conditions better then ever.

Gas fireplaces. These help keep those cold basements more comfortable and give the feeling of a friendlier welcoming place.

Kitchens. Kitchens are returning to basements as places for people to fuel up instead of having to go back up the stairs and into the main kitchen.

Along with kitchens bathrooms are being installed in basements. With more technology being invented that helps toilets and sinks pump waste water up to the sewer exhaust lines the ability to install bathrooms in basements is becoming easier.

More homes are being built with either full walkouts for basements or with below grade entrances. This allows the basement to function more like a regular part of the house and less like the place that you store your Christmas decorations.

Wine cellars. Complicated wine rooms with climate control work the best in places like basements that are already cooler and have limited natural light. A lot of money is being spent on these rooms as people look for somewhere to hold their expensive wine collections.

In floor heating that is installed right in the concrete under the finished floor has become quiet popular. The advanced technology allows multiple climate zones so that every part of the basement can be the appropriate temperature.

Whatever you decide to do in your basement whether it is a new build or a renovation make sure that you take your time to make the appropriate decisions on what you want in your basement and how you want it to look and feel. This could raise the property value of your home more than the cost of the basement remodel.

Rob Abbott
Village Builders Inc.

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