Sunday, June 14, 2015

Make Sure Your Safe Even On A Sales Call


Safety in construction is not just for your construction sites where you have your employee’s working. It also applies to anywhere you go or do for your company.

For example; if you are going to a potential client’s home to measure up for the quoting of future work then you need to make sure that the same safety standards apply.

If you require equipment then you should bringing your own and not relying on the homeowner to supply you with some. Every homeowner has ladders, but that doesn’t mean that you should trust them or allow the homeowner to set them up themselves. More than once have I and friends of mine been put into a situation where there could have been a fall or a serious injury because of a ladder that was either borrowed from a homeowner or set up by the homeowner.

If you have to go up on top a ladder then you need to ask the homeowner to hold the ladder for you
while you are up there or when you are coming down. If the homeowner cannot be trusted or cannot be relied on to be there then you should be bringing someone along with you to make sure that the bottom of the ladder stays secure.

If you believe that the situation that you have to put yourself in is not worth the risk without further equipment or in better weather conditions then you should have no trouble telling the person that you will come back another day when the situation can be made safer for everyone involved.

Remember that your health is worth more than the any job that you would be pricing that you would be putting at risk.

Rob Abbott
Village Builders Inc.

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