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Creemore one of the most beautiful places in Ontario

Creemore one of the most beautiful places in Ontario
If you ever get to travel north of Toronto you should make a point of stopping in the little town called Creemore. The town made famous for the beer “Creemore Springs” is now famous for being a popular tourist stop.
The first thing you will realize when you come down the hill into Creemore is the rolling hills of trees and farm fields. Creemore is a sleepy little town that has a lot to offer.
Park the car and walk the streets. You can walk the quiet streets of Creemore under the towering maples trees and take in the beautiful Victorian houses. You walk down the main street and visit the little shops and cafes that are found up and down it. You can stroll over and see North America’s smallest jail. Or walk into the log cabin that was rebuilt this past year. If you walk down the street you can walk right into the Creemore Spring’s Brewery and get a tour and a free taste test.
If you are here in the summer stop at the station on the green and pick up some local food at the farmer’s market. There is so much to see and do in Creemore that you would probably need more then one day to enjoy it all.
Creemore is a main stop for biking groups who enjoy touring the winding paved roads in the country around Creemore. The Bruce trail also crosses the hills of Creemore and if you take the right trail you can end up at a series of caves that you can spend all day exploring.
In the winter Creemore is a main stop for snowmobilers as the main trail runs right through Creemore.
 A lot of people just enjoy driving around the hills of Creemore looking at the views and the beautiful nature paradise that is the area that surrounds Creemore. In the fall the colours of the leaves are simply breathtaking.
Creemore has the Mad River that runs across the edge of town, in the summer it is a real hot spot for fishermen. It is also a wonderful place to sit, relax and watch the world go by.
Creemore has a very active community and has several festivals that happen during the year. Every time Creemore has an event the community comes out in full support and it becomes an instant success.
While you’re walking around and looking in the shops stop by one of the real estate offices and grab a brochure. You could buy yourself a little piece of paradise away from the rat race of Toronto in the quiet and peaceful hills of Creemore.
If you’re thinking of building that dream get away stop by us Village Builders in the old Fire Hall and pick up a brochure. We can give you some ideas on what kind of dream place you should be building and help you get started.
I have lived and worked here most of my life and I wouldn’t want to be in a more wonderful community.
Rob Abbott
Operations Manager
Village Builders inc.

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