Friday, January 6, 2012

Village Builders construction forecast for 2012

What it looks like for Village Builders in the upcoming year of 2012.
The upcoming year of 2012 looks to be a anther good year for Village Builders Inc.
Every year since the credit crunch and stock market crash of 2008 Village Builders business and production has increased year over year. With 2011 being such a good year for Village Builders it will be hard to top it. But perspective project starts for the spring of 2012 look to be shaping up for a record breaking year for the company.
With the new management structure being put in place in 2011 it seems to be allowing Village Builders to identify new clients earlier in the planning process and to form a relationship of trust and honesty between the two parties. This is breeding more loyalty in the customer base and allowing Village Builders to play a larger part in the planning process of the projects. We are now installing driveways, wells and other essential services before the building process even starts.
Because of this planning and customer service Village Builders looks to be able to plan for the future with more work and larger projects in the precious years.
With the design department into its second year of operation, the prospect for growth seems at the moment to be limited only by the amount of employee’s in the design department.
With a record number of employee’s in 2011, Village Builders looks toward keeping a stable number of employee's as it heads into the spring and the summer of 2012.
The Current apprentices (carpentry) in Village Builders were at an all time high in 2011 and that trend will continue in 2012. With a focus on expanding skilled labour, apprenticeships for carpentry will be available to perspective new employees. There will be a focus on trying to improve the attrition rate of 50% on apprentices.
Current apprentices with schooling will be asked to take a greater role in production and more responsibility on smaller projects in 2012.
With the current construction climate looking to be extremely volatile in 2012 for a lot of Village Builders competitors as it was in 2011 the ability to higher skilled labour such as carpenters looks to be very promising.
Overall Village Builders looks to be heading for another good year in 2012. With our ability to successfully manage and build projects at an extremely high level with an equally high level of customer satisfaction, we look to be able to stay the course of giving our clients what they want for the price that they expect.
Rob Abbott
Operations Manager
Village Builders Inc.

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