Saturday, December 15, 2012

Custom home theatre rooms in the modern home

Modern Day Construction for custom homes Part 13

In today’s modern world of construction things are changing year to year faster than they did decade to decade in any other previous time period. In this multi part series I will traverse through an entire house starting with the foundation and working my way up to the roof and then to the finishing’s. I will explain what has changed in the last twenty years in custom home building.
One thing that you should be able to take away from this is how important it is to not just hire the right general contractor to build your custom home but how important it is to hire one that is up on today’s building methods.

Home theatres

Twenty years ago home theatres meant that your tv was sitting on at the end of the room on top of a cabinet and maybe if you were advanced enough you had it hooked up to a couple of speakers.

Today’s home theatres mean just that, home theatres. There are separate rooms built into custom homes now that are completely insulated and sound proof so that no matter what the volume level of the movie you are watching it will not bother anyone else in the home. Speakers are inset in the walls and ceilings, so that the room appears to be speaker less, this gives the viewer the perception that the sound is coming to them naturally instead of through speakers.

HD projectors are now mounted in the ceilings with a 120 inch curved screen that rappel’s out of the ceiling with a push of a button. The size of the screen is dictated by the size of the wall it is being placed on and the distance the viewer is able to sit away from it.

Whole rooms are dedicated to the housing of the components that are required to make everything run smoothly. Custom movie chairs are now available that move and vibrate depending on what is happening in the movie. LED lighting is used for the accent and also because it does not produce heat.

In a sealed theatre room it is very important to have an independent cooling unit so that the room is kept at the perfect temperature to watch movies. The component room as well needs its own version of this so that the mountains of equipment will not overheat and be damaged.

Theatre room are wired with multiple pairs of different wires so that depending on the piece of equipment they will always be able to function.

You can never tell where the future is going so the installation of different wiring technology in the future will have to be accomplished. The easy way to do this is to install conduits in the walls and ceilings where the existing wiring has been so that in the future you can “fish” new wiring from one place to the other.

Looking for part 14 coming soon....

Rob Abbott
Operations Manager
Village Builders Inc.

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