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The Roof over your head

The Roof Over Your Head

A roof is a primary factor in any home's curb appeal. But more important, it serves a critical role in  managing water and moisture, and guarding against damage caused by high winds .

The home owners have many choices of roofing products to use on their homes.  Since curb appeal is very important, many roofing product companies have websites that help you visualize what a new roofing colour, texture and/or product will look like on your house.

Products.  Few people think all roofing products preform the same, shed water from the house. The first
thing the owner needs to determine is the weather that the roof is going to be exposed too, like high winds, lots of snow sitting on roof etc. Some roofs come with lifetime warranties, be sure to read the fine print on warranties , lifetime does not necessary mean your lifetime. The next decision is your budget, but remember you usually get what you pay for.
The roofing industry's is notorious for "shading " contractors. You must do your homework and select a roofing contractor who has prove of liability insurance, workers compensation, references that must be checked.
In addition to the shingles or panels, the roofing contractor must discuss with you about the ventilation of your roof. The ventilation is more important than the product used on the roof. It will determine how your new roof covering will preform and how many years it will last., plus it could affect your product warranty. If the contractor does not mention ventilation look for another contractor.

Managing Water. Obviously, the roof is a home's first line of defense against rain and snow. But equally important is the roof's capacity to effectively and quickly shed water runoff away from the house.
The best practice to manage water is to properly install the shingles and appropriate flashing components per the manufacturer's specifications and standards. Flashings should be constructed along valleys and other V-shaped or odd roof intersections, at the eave corners (called "kick-outs"), and at every penetration, such as vent pipes, chimneys, and skylights. Water should flow down the roof to a gutter and downspout system, which expels the water harmlessly away from the home and its foundation.

Durability. A home's roof also is an important component in high winds . Recent advancements in building products, practices, and codes have made today's roof even more resilient against these forces of nature.
In addition to using the proper ring-shank nails and fastener spacing to secure a roof's plywood deck to the roof trusses, peel-and-stick, water-resistant membranes between the deck and conventional roofing felt paper are an effective shield against damage. This would be important should the shingles become broken or loose during a storm and allow wind and water to reach the deck.
Of course, properly fastening the roofing finish to the deck is critical to withstand damage.

As a professional remodeling contractor, it is our responsibility to deliver the best project possible. In addition to ensuring the proper installation of every roofing system, we also investigate and incorporate additional methods and materials that improve the performance of the roof and our homes overall.

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Doug Abbott
Village Builders

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  2. Durability’s definitely one factor worth keeping tabs on, since the roof is one protection the homeowner has against the harsh weathers. Metal roofs are, of course, on top of the list when it comes to durability. But this is just my two cents.

    Neil Hirsh

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  4. Checking the roof is a challenging part when it comes to designing houses. The tips here are helpful, and I’m sure these will serve me well as I plan the structure of my house. I am primarily after the “curb appeal” of my dream home, and this blog has given me the things I need to consider the most. I hope my partner gets to read this, too, so that we could have better ideas for the home.

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  6. Great ideas here! Thanks for the insights here, Doug. My parents used to tell me that the roof is the most important part of the house because it adds beauty to the house. But with your blog, I know that it’s not just the appeal that matters. It is how the roof does its job.

    Keaton Oakes

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