Saturday, December 8, 2012

Quickdrive auto feed screw system

Framing a floor? Is your back hurting from bending over installing the screws in the plywood? Try the quickdrive gun!

In today’s modern built homes gone are the days were we use nails to attach the plywood sheeting to the floor joist with a little bit of glue put under them. Today’s sub-floors are screwed down every 8 inches and glued down with adhesive that is applied to every floor joist. That means that you are installing 1000’s of screws.

The tool of choice for us in this matter is the quickdrive screw gun.

There are many versions of this tool now on the market but the quickdrive was one of the originals in this application.

Quickdrive is an auto-feed screw system that allows you to screw sheeting down to the floor joist without ever having to bend over.

The quickdrive auto-feed system works on roughly the same principles as your stick framing guns. You insert a magazine in the feeder system that is screws instead of nails and it feeds the fastener into the drive head, this allows you to install 30 or 40 screws in a row instead of one at a time.

You simply insect the magazine of screws, position the quickdrive over the area that you want the screw to be installed in, hold the quickdrive at a 90 degree angle to the sheeting, pull the trigger on the handle so that the motor is running at top speed and push down. The screw gun will drive the screw into the sheeting and the brake will engage when the screw has reached the set depth.

The quickdrive is a corded screw gun with a bar extension down to the drive head where the screws are installed from. You can screw a whole 4x8 sheet of plywood down in about a minute.

The most common size of screws used for sheeting floors is the 1 ¾ inch screw. But they now make and supply a wide range of screws for many applications. You can now purchase composite deck screws at your desired length to speed up large deck projects. The drive head is adjustable to the length of screws that you require and the depth of countersink that you desire.

The reason that the quickdrive system works so well is because of its simple design. The makers of the quickdrive system have been smart enough to leave it alone even in the face of stiff competition in the market place today.

I would recommend this auto-feed system to anyone that asked.

Rob Abbott
Operations Manager
Village Builders Inc.  

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