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Trends in Master Ensuite Bathrooms for 2013

2013- Ensuite Master Bathrooms

There are trends in design, layout and finishings of new custom homes and renovations, coming in to 2013 a lot of the things that we did in the 2012 construction year were the same as in the previous years. But there were custom touches in 2012 that have grown in popularity to become trends in 2013. With more and more home owners opting for them, these trends are growing in popularity as the year moves along. I am focusing on Ensuite master bathrooms and there many trends.

Ensuite Master Bathrooms

Here is a list of the trends that have stayed the same over the last several years;

The ensuite master bathroom continues to get larger in square footage every year.

Large seamless glass shower enclosures.

Benches in showers so that women can shave their legs.

Large rain head fixtures mounted directly over head.

Double sinks in the vanity are still the most popular option.

Electric heated floors are still the most popular option to help make the rooms feel more comfortable, this means tile and natural stone are kept warm, thus eliminating the need for bath mats to keep your feet warm.

Large soaker tubs beside a large glass walk in shower are still the trend, with the size of master ensuites growing ever larger this trend will continue.

Slow close toilet lids are still the most popular option, allowing men to never worry about slamming the lid and waking their partner up in the bedroom next door.

Calming colors such as light blues and greens are still the most common color, this goes along with the spa feeling that people are trying to replicate in their Ensuite master bathrooms.

Drop in soaker tubs are still the most popular option instead of the free-standing ones that take up larger amounts of space. These tubs are usually jetted or at the least outfitted with bubblers.

A designated space for women to keep their makeup and apply it as well.

Here a list of the new trends happening in ensuite master bathrooms;

A growing trend is installing one large sink in the middle of a large main vanity, the sink sits on top of the counter, sometimes there is one faucet and sometimes the sink is big enough to have two faucets.

One large main vanity instead of his and her vanities have become the most popular trend.

Marble tops, instead of granite or laminate are by far the most popular option for the vanities this year.

Multiple body sprays are the hottest trend, these body sprays come out of the wall, combined with rain heads they give you that total wash feeling.

Wall sconce’s over the vanity instead of relying on over head lights or one large fixed light over the mirror are used to help give women the maximum amount of light when applying their make-up.

Toilets continue to get larger every year, larger toilets are set higher for an aging population that finds it increasingly harder to get up and down from a sitting position.

Rain heads in showers are becoming multiple heads (like the Kohler rain head that is actually 4 individual shower heads in one), this allows more water flow, making it more of a waterfall and less like rain.

Marble floors are the hottest trend in bathroom floors at the moment, they give the look of elegance and wealth with also being highly durable.

Multiple mirrors are a growing trend, instead of the one large mirror, each sink gets it’s own mirror, or a mirror where the sink is and another mirror for were you apply your makeup.

Large glass panels installed side by side on the walls of the large walk in showers are a growing trend. They are back painted glass, they take the place of tile and allow you to have a continuous colour (your choice of colour) that looks seamless and modern. The glass runs from the floor all the way to the ceiling as one piece.

These are just some the new trends in master bedrooms in today’s new custom homes.

Rob Abbott
Operations Manager
Village Builders Inc.

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