Thursday, April 18, 2013

The John Deere 35 D one tough mini excavator

The John Deere 35 D one tough machine.

With contractors looking to do more with less skilled labour, they are turning toward more advanced machinery that can do more with less, also with budgets for machines getting tighter they want them more versatile.

One of those machines is the John Deere 35D mini excavator. There are many different sizes of the mini excavator but for the general contractor the 35D is basically the perfect versatile machine that is big enough to do all the heavy jobs and small enough to fit down the side of houses and into tight back yards. The 35D mini ex only needs 69 inches of room to fit between buildings. With the 35D having a zero tail swing you never have to worry about bumping or rubbing obstacles behind you when you are slinging dirt.

It can dig 8 ft into the ground; it has the ability with the removal of one bolt out of the end of the arm to change the bucket. Bucket changes can be done in a matter of minutes depending on what you require the machine to do. When you have the thumb on the end of the arm working with the bucket it becomes a very useful tool. It allows you to pick up rocks, move trees, and pick up concrete pieces or debris to be dumped into garbage bins.

There are any almost endless amounts of attachments you can get for the machine that can attach to the end of the arm. Here are a few of the items:

Forks to lift pallets.

Breakers to bust up rock or concrete.

Rebar cutters.

Articulating buckets.


Post-hole pounders.



You can also have custom attachments made; all they have to be able to do is run off hydraulic pressure.

The 35 D comes with a front blade so that you can grad dirt and use it to stabilize the machine while you are digging.

The 35D comes with rubber tracks, this allows the machine to be easier on your clients lawns and their driveways. The rubber tracks are tough enough that you don’t have to worry about tearing them apart if you turn to quickly even when you have a heavy load on the arm.

At only weighing in at 3 tons you can easily transport the machine on a flat deck trailer that is pulled by a
pick up truck.

The John Deere line of mini-excavators is a tough versatile machine that can do almost anything that a contractor needs it to do. In a world where you can’t afford to turn a job down you need a machine that can do everything you need it to do.

Rob Abbott
Operations Manager
Village Builders Inc.


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