Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Should I place my TV above the fireplace?

Television Placement

I know most of you are thinking the perfect place for a television is above the fireplace. That is exactly where I encourage my clients to NEVER place their televisions.

When you do, you no longer have a focal point, you have a competition and a stiff neck. The eye cannot rest and the weight of the heavy black screen takes over and I bet there is nothing else that catches your attention in the room.

A television should be placed at eye level.  Viewing comfort should take priority! A tape measure and 5 minutes of research is all it takes. Sit on the piece of furniture you will be watching t.v. from and  measure your sightline.

A formula often suggested for optimal viewing distances is to multiply the TV screen size by 1.2 (min distance) and 1.9 (max distance). Then divide the result by 12 to get the right number of feet. For instance, the best distance for a 55" it would be about 5.5'.

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Rob Abbott
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