Friday, July 12, 2013

Don’t be afraid to cut down that tree!

Don’t be afraid to cut down that tree!

A lot of people have trouble with trees encroaching on their homes. What people tend to do is find solutions to allow the tree to stay.

I have had clients that have installed expensive steel roofs on their roofs because the swinging branches are tearing off the shingles.

I have seen homeowners pay large amounts of money to trim large trees every year to keep the tree away from the house; this is usually after the tree has caused damage to the roof or the house.

This might sound like a good thing to do, but what you don’t see is the large root structure that is attacking at the underside of your home. Tree roots can damage waterproofing, drainage tile, underground power lines, sewer lines, septic lines, septic beds as well as underground telephone lines, cable and internet lines.

There is a solution that most people don’t find appealing buy they should, you could simply cut the tree down, and this would solve all your problems and be cheaper in the long run.

Now before you get offended that I want to cut all the trees around your house down, there are other options.

For the amount of money that people spend having large trees trimmed and houses repaired from the large tree you could have cut down, removed and then had the stump grinded out.

Then you hire a landscaper to come and plant a new younger tree in the old tree’s place, maybe placing the tree a little farther away from the building. This will allow you to still enjoy a tree, but it allows you to watch a new tree grow. Newer younger trees are much easier to take care of and placing the tree even a little farther away from the building will allow the tree to grow naturally without needing to be trimmed for decades.

Planting a new tree allows you decades to enjoy the tree until it becomes large enough that it needs attention like large pruning and maintenance.

Sometimes you have to think outside the box when it comes to your home, people hate to cut trees down but you will waste more money, time and materials trimming them compared to just removing them and planting a new one.

Rob Abbott
Operations Manager
Village Builders Inc.

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