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Trends in garages for custom homes 2013

2013- Garages in custom homes

Here are some trends in the garages of custom homes in 2013. Some of the trends have started this year (2013), a lot of trends where started in the 2012 construction year and continued into this calendar year. There are trends that have been sustained year over year as well; they are the long running trends.

Garages in Custom Homes

Here is a list of the trends that have stayed the same over the last several years;

Custom home Garages are getting bigger. The size and shape of them has increased every year to help accommodate a population that is more active in their advancing years.

Since bonus rooms are all the rage in custom homes the height of garages has exploded. Once garages where a normal 9 to 10 feet high, now it is routine to find garages with 14 foot ceilings.

Insulated garages. Every garage built that is attached to a custom home is now insulated, even if the garage is not heated. It’s a convenience allowing you the option to heat the garage with space heaters if you require it easily.

Large tube fluorescent lighting is still the most popular choice to light up garages. With the ceiling heights growing ever higher it becomes harder and harder to light the space below. Fluorescent lighting is inexpensive to install and uses little energy to work.

Most custom homes have attached garages today. There are several reasons for this, lack of space and convenience being the most implied.

Custom built work benches are common now in every garage. The owners don’t even have to be handy, but it comes in handy for even simple tasks like waxing skis or cleaning gardening tools.

Here is a list of new trends in custom home garages for 2013;

Humidity controlled fans. This is a great way to guarantee that you never have humidity problems in your garage. Since most garages are now insulated even without heat it is more important than ever that the humid air in the garage be removed. This helps prevent the formation of mold and mildew on the ceiling.

Larger windows are being set higher up in the walls to let more natural light into the garages. Since the ceiling heights have risen so to have the windows. This allows people the natural light they require and still have the security that people won't be able to look through the windows and see all their toys.

Dog showers or wash stations for gardening tools. This isn’t a new thing to custom homes, but it’s a new thing to the garage. It allows people the ability to control the mess before it comes in the house.

Vinyl slot wall is all the rage today. Because of a more active population, people seem to have more sports equipment that needs a safe place to rest when not in use. New slot wall technology that is made out of materials like vinyl will last a life time without staining or ripping. The endless attachments that come with it allow you to hang any number of things from your bike to your skis to kayaks or canoes.

Coated floors that resist staining are an up and coming trend. This is a great way to make your garage look like a stylish piece of the home. The coating helps with clean up and can help keep yourself clean when working on equipment that requires you to be on or near the floor.

Diamond plating is exploding in popularity. Because of its stylish look and durability people are using it for all number of things in their new garages. They use it for a baseboard, or for a counter top. They are installing it on steps for traction and having cabinets faced with it. It’s a great way to make sure that your garage will look shiny and new years into the future.

These are just some the new trends in the Garages of today’s new custom homes.

Rob Abbott
Operations Manager
Village Builders Inc.

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