Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Are you thinking about renovating in Wasaga Beach?

Renovating in Wasaga Beach

If you are thinking about renovating in Wasaga Beach then one of is the first things that you need to do is find yourself a company to do the actual renovation work. Your best bet is to call a general contractor that can give you an accurate quote on the drawings that you will have created by an interior designer.

That’s right the best thing that you can do is go out and find yourself an interior designer. An interior designer will be able to produce accurate drawings, this will help you to understand what the potential is for the space you want to renovate.

Village Builders Inc. is one of those general contractors that can give you an accurate quote, they also have access to excellent interior designers who can take your ideas and create digital drawings for you to view. This means that they are able to streamline the process of design and build by keeping it all in house. This will give you a great 1-2 punch when planning, constructing and completing your renovation.

Here are some of things that Village Builders is able to do for their clients when they want to renovate their home;

Have drawings created and if needed submitted to the township for approval.

Working with the local municipality to help to get the permit approved and also to pass all municipal building inspections.

Give accurate quotes from the drawings created with an extreme amount of detail in the quote so that you the client know exactly what you are getting.

Drawings once they are created can be rendered and displayed on a screen allowing you to be placed in the room to give you the feel of what your renovated space will look like.

Protect other parts of the house and your furniture from the dust when there is demolition during the construction process.

Give simple, organized billing so that you understand what and where you are spending your money.

Organize all sub-trades in an orderly and timely manner to attend the project.

Insure that all sub-trades have proper insurance and WSIB coverage to protect you and your home.

Consult on other problems in the home like pest or bug infestations when they arise.

Use garbage bins or large containers so that there aren’t large piles of waste lying around the work site, this helps keep the jobsite neat and tidy.

Work within neighbourhood regulations such as specific start and end times for noise and work during the week and work restrictions during the weekend.

Source, quote, acquire and install all plumbing fixtures, lighting fixtures, audio/video equipment, furniture, fireplaces (wood and gas), appliances and flooring at contractor discounted pricing. (only if requested by owner)

Provide consultation on how to make your home more energy efficient and environmentally friendly before and during the renovation process.

Give the homeowner a high quality job using the highest quality of materials within their budget.

Make sure that once the project is completed the job is left clean, complete and the customer happy.

Staging of all rooms that were renovated so that you are able to move and enjoy the space immediately.

If you are looking to renovate in Wasaga Beach then look at our website at or stop by our showroom/office at 3 Caroline St. East in the village of Creemore.

Rob Abbott
Operations Manager
Village Builders Inc.

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