Monday, May 5, 2014

Does Village Builders build small custom homes?


Does Village Builders build small custom homes?


Village Builders is a residential construction company, which means that we will build any kind of home big or small. So to answer your question; Yes we will build you a "small" custom home.

Saying that, do not confuse us with a tract home builder. That is a large scale builder that builds sub-division homes that are smaller in scale. We are a custom home builder and every home we build is different from the last one.

We do not take a set of plans that we have used 100 times and construct the home and finish the inside the way you want it. We sit down with you and work out the look and feel of your home so that it is customized to you and also to your budget.

Custom home builders do not have set prices for homes. We price homes on an individual bases. That doesn’t mean that we set the price of the home by what we are feeling that day, it means that every home gets priced off the plans that you had created and priced at what level of finish you want in the home.

There are set costs in your building; the cost of concrete per cubic meter, the cost of 2x6 per foot, the cost of a furnace, the cost of the siding per foot and so on and so forth. Where the price difference comes in is the amount of feet that your home will require of them and the difficulty of installing it.

Once that price has been established then the biggest cost difference is in the finishing’s. The cost of a custom home no matter how big or how small is more affected by you the homeowner and your choices of finishings in that home. In a smaller home with a smaller budget that is more relevant then in a larger home.

The great thing about a custom home is that you get the ability to control the cost of all the finishing’s. If you are working on a tight budget and can’t afford a granite counter top in your kitchen then we will install a laminate counter top of your choice. If you want carpeted floors instead of hardwood then we install carpets, it’s entirely up to you.

The one thing that will not make use cheaper then tract home builders is that we use the best tradesmen that we can find. They don’t have to install the best products but the products they do install (of your choosing) have to be installed properly and correctly. They also have to stand behind any warranties that they supply with customer support in the future.

So for anyone else wondering if we will build you a smaller custom home the answer is “YES” bring me your plans or drop me a line and I will help you have some created.

Rob Abbott
Operations Manager
Village Builders Inc.

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