Sunday, May 18, 2014

The beauty of White Oak Flooring - Designer Tip

White Oak Flooring

With so many different species and styles in hardwood to choose from, my current favourite is White Oak and it has never disappointed.

White Oak is known and valued for its density, strength and resilience. It also has a very appealing grain that is similar to red oak, and its growth rings are highly visible. Its colour ranges from a light creamy beige to a greyish brown, which is very on trend in today’s interiors. 

You can order white oak fumed, oiled, UV protected and even have your own mix of custom stain colour.

 White Oak is plentiful, not endangered like a lot of the other hardwoods that people are using and can come several different countries.

White Oak accepts stain well and shows the features of the wood even better giving it a rich and timeless look to it.

White Oak can be found in solid wood or engineered and comes in a variety of widths and lengths.

When thinking about a new hardwood floor in your home choosing white Oak will never disappoint.

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Rob Abbott
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