Monday, October 27, 2014

Can I be absent from the building of my custom home


I want to build a custom home in the Collingwood area but I live in Toronto and I travel a lot, with me not being around all the time is that going to be a problem for your company when you build my new custom home?


A large percentage of the people that Village Builders builds houses for are not from the area and are not able to be around all the time during construction.

If you have done your research of custom home builders in our area  then you would have found that we routinely work with people that are either too busy to be up at their build site or live too far away to physically attend the site often. With modern technology we are able to keep in touch with them wherever they are in the world.

The biggest thing about building a custom home is all the choices that you get to make about your new home. As long as you are organized enough to make these choices before we need them or in a timely manner when we ask the questions then the build should go rather smoothly. 90% of choices that you will be asked to make can be made before the project even starts.

Village Builders has a great team to help you with those choices, we have access to top of the line interior designers and architects that will help you with all the personal choices and design ideas while you are away from the area. With email or Skype we can have discussions while looking at the same drawings or pictures no matter where you are in the world. Interior designers are able to create full colour renderings of bathrooms and kitchens that can be emailed so that you get the feeling of being in the room even though you are nowhere the building site.

We as a company are set up to buy everything for you from your plumbing fixtures, lighting fixtures, appliances to even your furniture if you need us too.

One of the most successful builds we took part in was where the homeowner was not around or readily available, we built a house for a couple in the hills of Creemore and they were living in the Pacific Rim the entire time that construction took place. They came over twice in a year for about 2 weeks total to see the place and to make some personal choices. They also brought us some custom tiles to install that where from different parts of the world that they had collected in their many travels. The job was a complete success and the people now live in the house full time as they have retired into it becoming full time residents.

With a lot of companies you as the homeowner being absent from the build process would slow things down and be a major roadblock, at Village Builders it’s a normal day at the office, nothing we haven’t dealt with before. The process of building your home is the same, all it requires is for us to make sure you are properly informed, you understand your schedule and you stay within your budget.

Rob Abbott
Village Builders Inc.

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