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How do I find a custom home builder in my area?


How do I find a custom home builder in my area?


Finding a custom home builder takes a little bit of time and effort, you need to search all types of media and you should pay special attention to local advertising. Local advertising includes billboards, lawn signs, radio ads, newspaper ads, magazine ads or articles, on the side of trucks and or buildings with builder’s names on them.

Talk to people that you know in the area that have lived in the area, find a new custom home and knock on their door (if they are happy with their contractor they’ll be happy to talk to you). Custom home builders run on referrals almost more than all other media and advertising.

Stop in to the local building supply store and have a talk with the guys that work behind the contractors desk, they will know every contractor in the area because they supply the material for all of them. They might not be able to give you a recommended contractor as they might not want to damage the relationships with different contractors (customers) but they will be able to give you a short list of custom home builders that build the size and scope of the house you want constructed.

Architects that work in the area can help you a find a builder especially if you have retained their services to design your new home. They have the unique position in the way that they have worked with almost all good quality builders in an area and will have an opinion about their level of finish and their process in building a home.

Look on the internet to find local builders or to do more research on a builder that you are interested in or have heard about. You want your custom home builder to have some status on the internet this means that they are able to communicate fairly well with email instead of only over the phone.

Once you have found a builder that you believe fits your criteria you should take the time to interview them.

It’s more important that you find a custom home builder that is right for you, it’s going to take 8 months to over 1 year to build your custom home and if you can’t get along with them then you’re not going to enjoy the building of your home or that 1 year that it takes to construct it.

So take the time and do the research, the more research you do the more likely you are going to be able to find that custom home builder that fits you and will also be able to construct the custom home you are dreaming about.

Rob Abbott
Village Builders Inc.

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