Wednesday, October 15, 2014

I want to build a custom home but I don't think it's big enough for a custom home builder


I want to build a custom home but I think the home I want is not big enough for a custom home builder, is there a size that custom home builders will not construct?


Absolutely not. Custom home builders will build homes at any size, shape or price range.
The reason that they are called custom builders are because they don’t have a standard set of house plans that they build from, they will build any style, size, colour and build it wherever you want it put.

The common misconception with custom home builders is that they are extremely expensive, custom home builders are only as expensive as their clients want to be.
What custom home builders do is build a home no matter how big or small to an extremely high standard. Custom home builders do not limit their clients to certain products, basically chb (custom home builders) will build, finish or install anything the homeowner can think or afford. We as chb’s will give you our opinion on the product or the way you want it installed but ultimately it is up to you on how you want your home to be constructed and what the final fit and finish will end up being.
Chb’s basically charge you a management fee for constructing the home, in the end the price of the home is dictated by you the homeowner. You decide on the level of finish, because the cost of construction is the cost of construction you basically have the control of what the cost of the home will end up being.

Since it’s a custom home you the homeowner pick every single thing in the home;

Windows and doors.
Insulation (above the minimal code)
Heating systems
Siding and stone
Eve trough
Electrical outlets (above minimal code)
Interior doors.
Size of home.
Shape of home.

As a custom home builder I have built houses as big as 8000 livable sqft and houses as small as 1400 livable sqft. The cost of them varied not just from the cost of the size but also the cost per sqft because of the finishing’s in them.  If you were to bring me plans to a home no matter what the size of the home was I would give you a price to build it.

Custom home builders build homes and there is no house to small, there are homes where the homeowner does not have a big enough budget and that is the only reason that a chb would not be able to build you a home.

Rob Abbott
Village Builders

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