Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Don't Settle For Drywall In Your Cottage

Don’t settle for drywall in cottage country

The standard finishing for wall treatments in residential and most commercial buildings in North America is Drywall. It is seen everywhere; walls and ceilings, where you should see less is in your cottage.

A cottage is suppose to be the place where you get back to nature, where you go to relax and feel like you’re one with the world again and away from all the hustle and bustle of the modern world. Well there’s nothing more modern in this world then drywall, drywall is a constant reminder to someone like me of the modern world.

Drywall was what replaced lath and plaster walls, this wall finish is for your home not your cottage. Your cottage should be something that reminds you of the outdoors, of a bygone day where there was no electricity or gas to power or heat your home and you hacked your existence out of the wilderness around you. You survived because you willed it not because society demands it.

That means that the walls and ceilings of your cottage should be made from wood. They can be any kind of species of wood, whatever you want but they should be some sort of species of wood.

A good rule of thumb is that you should cover the walls of your cottage in the same wood that surrounds the outside of your cottage. If you are in the Muskoka’s you should try to install pine or birch but if you are up the Bruce Peninsula then you should look toward cedar or tamarack . Every cottage area has a different species of tree that lives and survives; finishing the inside of your cottage in it is like thanking nature for the gifts it has given you.

Finishing your cottage in wood is usually a little more expensive then drywall but it will also last longer than drywall and it is by far stronger against being punctured or broken. With wood finishing’s you never have to worry about repairing drywall cracks as natural wood will shrink and expand with the seasons on its own. The brittleness of drywall is a modern thing like all the junk that is created in this throw away society, wood is not, it is installed to survive the life of your home.

Most cottages are built smaller then a normal residential home so the cost for the wood inside over drywall should not cost that much more in your budget.

When planning that renovation or new cottage construction build then look towards wood finishing’s on the inside, make your cottage what it should be, a part of nature not one without it.

Rob Abbott
Village Builders Inc.

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