Friday, May 1, 2015

Want A Smaller Home, Ask A Custom Home Builder

Want a smaller home, ask a custom home builder

With a shift starting to happen in residential construction to smaller homes (these homes usually wanted by a younger generation of people), there is a question being asked if their only choice is to buy track built homes (sub-division) or homes built in factories and shipped to your location. This is a very limited choice for people, these limited options is proving to be problematic for a lot of consumers as they want a higher standard of quality not only in the materials that are used but also in the overall fit and finish of the home. These mass produced homes usually do not lend themselves to having either high quality materials or a high quality of fit and finish.

What you (the consumer) should be looking into is to have a custom home builder construct you a new home on the property that you have purchased.

Your first thought is probably that you could never afford a custom home, that’s where you are wrong. If you can afford to buy a new home then you can afford to have a custom home built.

Custom homes are what they are; they are custom homes. This means that they are built especially for and are finished especially for you; no one else will have your home as no one else has your exact tastes and personality.

Custom homes are slightly more expensive then the poorer built track or factory homes but they are also built with more care and precision. This means that you will not have as many problems going forward with your new home; you will also have a longer time before you have to renovate or remodel anything in the home. In essence the quality of the materials and the workmanship that goes into a custom home pays for itself in the long run.

When it comes to your budget custom home builders work with you to help you spend money where you need it most, they will advise you were you should spend a little more so that you can maximize the return on your investment. This means not only a higher resale value of the home but also the lowered heating and cooling costs of your home.

Custom homes sell at a much higher value per sqft than track or factory built homes, ask any real-estate agent.

Having a custom home builder that is looking out for you is a great thing instead of a big building company that is just trying to maximize profits. Custom home builders will advise you on the best way to insulate, the best way to heat the home, your best options for windows, roofing, flooring, paint, cabinets and plumbing fixtures.

Because custom home builders get big discounts on plumbing and lighting fixtures they are able to pass that savings on to you. By the time the house is completed the cost between a custom built home and a track or factory built home starts to narrow as you custom home has a higher quality of finish and also a higher level of craftsmanship.

The cost for having plans created for smaller custom homes has been reduced in the last couple of years as more and more companies are offering low cost home designs. This works out for people who want smaller custom homes built as it allows them to design their smaller dream home at a minimum cost.

So if you are thinking about a smaller new home think about getting a custom home builder to build it, it could be the best thing that you ever did.

Rob Abbott
Village Builders Inc.

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