Sunday, May 17, 2015

What Are Setbacks When You Are Applying For a Building Permit?


What are setbacks when you are applying for a building permit?


When you are applying for a building permit the municipality will ask for a drawing either completed by you by hand or drawn by a professional (architect or draftsmen) on a computer drafting software.

The drawing will have to show the proposed building, addition or outbuildings location on the property. It will also have to show the location of every other building on the property and the
distance between them.

The distance between the outside of the proposed building and the property line is called the setback.

The setback is a measurement that the township sets as a minimum standard for the placement of buildings from the property line. This regulation cannot be violated without special permission from the building and planning department of the municipality that you are proposing the construction in.

If your setback measurements violate the minimum distance then your building permit will be rejected. You will have to alter the plan until it meets the minimum distance and then your plan can be approved.

Setbacks can be different in every municipality depending on if you’re in the city or in the country, if you are on the water or near a protected wildlife area. You will have to call the local building department and ask for the setback rules and regulations.

A lot of times the building and planning department will have to do a site inspection to verify if your plan is accurate and has not left out anything of importance.

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