Saturday, March 24, 2012

Grey Highlands the undiscovered place

Grey highlands

Grey Highlands is a township that seems to be largely undiscovered at the moment. This is an area that has not felt the pressure of expansion from the Collingwood area like places such as Thornbury, Meaford and Wasaga Beach have.

The only real place in the township that has any real growth in construction is around Lake Eugenia were the demand for lake front property has stayed strong.

Kimberly with the failing and bankruptcy of Talisman ski resort has very little construction going on compared to other ski resort areas. There are large tracks of land that would make ideal places for custom homes that are being left on the market for years and have even had a reduction in there price that doesn’t seem to sell them.

The little towns inside of Grey Highlands do not seem to be generating a lot of construction projects either compared to other small towns to the East of them near the Collingwood and Creemore area.

The only place of growth seems to be in the rural areas with most or all of it being developed by the growing Mennonite communities. Rural land prices are being kept high because of the demand by Mennonite farmers for farm land. Overall house prices (that are not in the rural areas) have seen a flat lining or reduction in price.
With the reduction in price of houses in Grey Highlands it is only matter of time before the real estate market picks back up and with it so will the construction market. It is a great time to buy into the area with the repressed real estate values. Eventually the pressure of expansion from Simcoe County and the Collingwood area will reach the Grey Highlands and push the price of houses and land higher.

Grey Highlands with Lake Eugenia, Eugenia Falls, the Beaver Valley, quiet little towns with unique shops and the beautiful rolling landscapes of the rural environment has a lot to offer people that are looking to either vacation or move out the rat race. The peaceful natural of the township appeals to people looking to retire in peace and quiet while they are able to be close to nature. Grey Highlands also boosts some of the lowest tax rates that you will find this close to the Collingwood area. Grey highlands is one of the few places left in Southern Ontario that still has a real rural feel and has not been disturbed with a large influx of people migrating up to retire in it.

In the coming years this will all change as Collingwood and the surrounding area North of Grey Highlands gets built up to a point where there is a natural progression into Grey Highlands of people looking for a better deal on houses and land. Also there will be pressure from the Orangeville area as Orangeville continues its massive growth. This will put people looking farther north to Grey highlands to find a better deal on houses and land.

So if your looking for a place to relocate too or if your looking for a second home Grey Highlands is the place to invest into now before it goes through the massive growth that the surrounding areas North, East and South of it already has.

Rob Abbott
Operations Manager
Village Builders Inc.

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