Friday, March 9, 2012

Helping people learn about construction for one year!

One year!

One year ago I started this blog, oh how time flies!

I started out slowly, but now I have got the hang of this blogging. I find it interesting how many people have questions about home construction and the construction industry in general.

I started this blog because of a disturbing trend that I have found in my dealings with home owners in the custom home building and custom renovating field. The disturbing trend was that people’s knowledge of building and building techniques seemed to be full of half truths and rumours that one person told another person. So my true goal for this blog is to help educate people about the construction industry in hopes it will make the dealings between contractor and home owner simpler and more transparent. If I can educate people before they arrive at my office then it makes my life easier.

The best clients that we have ever had are the ones that recognize that being a general contractor is a true profession and building a custom home properly is a complicated thing. There is nothing wrong with asking your contractor questions about why they do what they do or why they used a certain product. What is unacceptable is when the home owner accuses the general contractor they are doing something wrong or they are using the wrong product. Usually when we get homeowners accusing us of this, it’s when they have visited the jobsite alone without anyone around to explain things to them and they remember something they saw on an episode of HGTV. It takes longer to explain the situation later when the homeowner is accusing everyone of not knowing what they are doing then to simply explain what is going on at the site while everyone is present.

  What you will notice with everything I write is that I try to explain the process of how a homeowner and a general contractor should interact and communicate. If everyone understands how they are to communicate before they start working together then it has the ability to greatly enhance the learning curve between contractor and homeowner.

So in the future if you have any questions feel free to email them to me, I will be glad to answer them. I have already helped people from different places in Canada and the United States and I even had the pleasure to help a woman in Ireland.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more information and advice about custom home building and the construction industry.

Rob Abbott
Operation Manager
Village Builders Inc.

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