Monday, March 5, 2012

Leading edge custom home building

Leading edge custom home builder

If you are looking to build a custom home and you want to do it in a way that leads the construction industry, you need to check out Village Builders in Creemore.

Village Builders has been in business for over 30 years building custom homes for people in the Creemore, Collingwood and Thornbury area.  In that time they have gone through a lot of changes in the way that they construct homes. Some of the changes were brought on by home owners wanting to do new and innovating things in their homes. But a lot of them were from Village Builders constantly looking for new and exciting technology, techniques and materials that help the Village Builder home stand out above all others.

Village Builders prides itself on building custom homes that are not just innovative but functional and highly energy efficient. Using the best possible materials and best practises Village Builders is able to assure the home owner will have a house that will stand up to whatever you can throw at it.

The only limitations are your imagination and the laws of physics.

In today’s construction market there are endless new products and techniques coming out every year. Some of them are good and some of them are bad. There is a fine line between a new product that will save you money on your energy consumption and the cost to purchase and install the item.

For example; 20 years ago geothermal heating in Canada was 60 thousand dollars to purchase and install in a new 3000 sq ft home. Today geothermal heating is about 30 thousand dollars to purchase and install for the same size house. That means that the return on your investment is far greater and quicker than it was 20 years ago. If you would have installed a normal forced air furnace that ran on propane twenty years ago you could now have geothermal heating installed today at half the price.

This is the kind of balance you have to strike while building your custom home. You need to decide what new products work best for you and what older cheaper products you can use to offset the cost of the newer ones. Everyone has a budget, regardless of how big it is, these are choices you are going to have to make. It’s better to make those decisions with a contractor that has done their homework on the products that you are thinking about installing, then using a contractor who will just do whatever you tell them too.

You are hiring a contractor for more than their ability to build you a home, your hiring a contractor that has the intelligence to tell you what will work for you and what won’t. You also want a contractor that isn’t afraid to try new things, which means that a lot of the things that you will be asking about they will already have heard of and have researched before you.

In construction a lot of new products are released on the market that do the same thing that an existing product already does. The difference with most new products is that they claim to do the same job faster, better or more efficiently. In some cases that is true, in a lot of cases it’s not and it’s mostly marketing to get you to buy the product. The other factor is the cost of the product, if a new house wrap is said to be easier to install then the old house wrap but cost 3 times the price you probably don’t want to use it because it will cost you more money to buy the product then it will save you in labour installing it.

One of the places that has seen a lot of changes is finishing’s. A lot of the new finishing’s come out of China advertising new and amazing things. You have to be careful and do research on the product.

For example; bamboo floors are all the rage right now. What people don’t realize is that a lot bamboo flooring has filler in it, the filler is formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is a chemical that will off gas after you install the floor; it is also a chemical that is harmful to humans. If you buy more expensive bamboo flooring that is California certified then you are buying a flooring that is guaranteed to be chemical free. One is 10 times the price then the other, but one of them won’t cause health effects to your family.

As a construction company we at Village Builders are actively searching for clients that want to push the envelope and do things before they are the norm, Village builders wants clients that will lead the way!

If you are one of those people feel free to email me at or come in and see us at 3 Caroline St. East in the village of Creemore.

Rob Abbott
Operations Manager
Village Builders Inc.


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