Thursday, May 23, 2013

Exterior Finishing Trends on Custom Homes 2013

2013- Exteriors Finishes

The trends in the exterior finishes in custom homes and renovations in 2013. Some of the trends have started this year (2013), a lot of trends where started in the 2012 construction year and continued into this calendar year. There are trends that have been sustained year over year as well, they are long running trends.

Exterior Finishes for Custom Homes

Here is a list of the trends that have stayed the same over the last several years;

Pre-finished wood siding. Pre-finished wood siding has been by far the most popular exterior material used on the outside of custom homes.

Horizontal siding is still the most popular choice for siding.

Using a different material in the gable ends such as cedar shakes instead of running the siding all the way to the soffit is still the most popular way to finish off high gables.

Decorative timber framing is still the best way to high light gable ends and make them stand out.

Natural stone is still the most popular stone to be placed on the outside of custom homes.

A 4 ft skirt of stone is still the most popular option around the bottom of a custom home when stone is being used.

Siding with trim to butt the siding up to on the outside corners. 45ed corners are not that common because of the high expense and the degree of maintenance involved.

Wood facia and wood soffit are still the most common.

Installing freeze boards in certain heights of a multi story homes are still used to add definition to a large sided area.

Here a list of the new trends happening in Exterior finishes on custom homes;

Vertical siding is showing up on more and more custom homes. It helps give the home different lines that make the place look more modern.

Cement siding continues to grow in popularity.

Using facia that is coloured the same as the eave trough is a newer trend that is gaining in popularity, it helps hide the eave trough.

New stone from manufactures like Eldorado are making man made stone a more likable option when compared to the high cost of installing real stone.

Crown molding installed at the point where the soffit and siding meet is a new growing trend, it helps give a more detailed look to the area.

Layered facia and layered trims where the siding meets the soffit are growing in popularity as people try to “dress up” the exterior of their homes.

Elaborate layers of siding trims are being used, one trim installed on top of another to give the window and door trims more definition.

Vertical siding is growing in popularity as people look for a more modern clean lined look.

These are just some the new trends on the Exterior Finishes of today’s new custom homes.

Rob Abbott
Operations Manager
Village Builders Inc.

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