Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Should I have an architect help me select my builder?


Should I have an architect help me select my builder?

If you have already engaged an architect to draw the plans for your house, by all means ask that person to suggest possible candidates and to join you in interviewing potential builders, they most likely have worked with local builders in the past who might be a good match.

However, it's often best to find a builder first, essentially to work with a design professional to help ensure that your budget is considered through the design process.

It can be heartbreaking (and leave a bad taste) to invest time, effort, and money into architectural drawings and then you find out later (from your builder) that what has been designed is too expensive to build with your budget.

It is better to have the whole team together from the start. This way your builder can recommend different things that have worked in other buildings that they built. Doing it in this way allows you to have more than one opinion on all the aspects of your new home.

With residential construction techniques evolving at such a rapid pace these days it is always good to know what your builder feels comfortable doing and what they do not, you don’t want your architect to add things into your home that your builder isn’t comfortable doing or has little to no experience with.

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