Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Interior designer tips for window treatments

Window treatments

In today’s window treatment market a growing popular choice is wood shutters. With numerous possibilities out there, you'll need to consider your budget, tastes, needs and decorating style.  Deciding on these as your guidelines should help you make the right decision, stay within your budget and get the shutters that you require.

If you are cooking, dish washing or bathing near the window treatments then you'll want something that is easily wipe able and maintainable. Wood blinds, shutters or waterproof fabrics are all good choices.

Rooms that receive a lot of sun typically fade fabrics and their accessories as well as hold in the heat. There are window treatments that diffuse light, trap warm or cool air and block UV rays. They are available in sheer, semi-sheer, semi-opaque and opaque, if privacy is an issue.

In rooms that you watch television in or use your computer you'll want a window covering that reduces glare and that can be easily tilted. Offered in numerous colours and styles they're practical and pretty.

Good luck with your shopping!

Village Builders Inc. now offers custom drapery, blinds, shades, shutters and hardware.

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