Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Don’t be afraid to try something different with your backsplash

Don’t be afraid to try something different with your backsplash

Are you designing a new kitchen and trying to figure out what kind of backsplash to install why don’t you try something different then your typical subway tile, try something unique;

Try a pattern that you designed yourself.

Mix and match different types and colours of tiles.

Try installing a natural stone backsplash or a manufactured stone backsplash. It will fit on the wall of most kitchens and behind there sinks and taps.

.• There are new tin patterns, these are squares or tiles that fit together to make a solid surface and in the right kitchen can look impressive.

Natural stone backsplash
If you have a bigger budget try;

Hammered copper. This can be installed by a coppersmith and can be down so that the entire backsplash has almost little to no seams.

Back painted glass. Back painted glass can be any colour you want and can be installed with very little seams.

Granite or marble. The same companies that install granite and marble counter tops will also make you a solid surface backsplash, depending on the kitchen this can look quiet striking.

Brushed Stainless steel is a clean look that is easy to maintain.

Well I do encourage free thinking when you are trying to be unique there are some rules you should be following, especially around your oven;

1. Never use anything that is easily flammable. Do not use cloth or a paper product that will end up close to the stove top.

2. Gas stove tops legally cannot have anything flammable within a certain distance of the open flame. This includes drywall, you have to install some type of flame resistant material (tile,steel) or it will not pass a gas inspection.

3. You should be making the choice of your backsplash when you design your kitchen. The material you decide to use for you backsplash will affect the depth that the electricians set the boxes of your electrical plugs. If you change the material your electrical boxed might not be set far enough out. Also there are some products that require a different product then drywall as the sub-surface.
Natural stone requires that you use cement board.

The only other thing I would recommend is that if you are planning a unique or colourful backsplash then you really should light it properly with under counter lighting so that everyone else can enjoy it.

Rob Abbott
Village Builders Inc.

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