Friday, January 16, 2015

UV coatings on new windows come with special instructions

UV coatings on new windows come with special instructions

One new option for people building a custom home is the ability to order your windows with a UV protective coating. This coating limits the amount of UV rays that are able to pass through the glass in the window. This limiting of UV rays helps protect the interior of your home from the harmfulness of the sun.

UV harmful rays are only getting worse; UV’s are already affecting the lifespan of many products on the outside of your home.

The UV coating is a good idea especially for people who want to build custom homes with a lot of large windows that face the southern sun.  Some of the things that can be damaged;

Furniture materials.
Rugs and carpets.
Paint on the walls.
Paintings and other art items.
Curtains, shades and blinds.

Those are the pro’s for buying the UV protective coating, there are some cons that you should be aware of before purchasing windows with this coating;

There is an increased cost for buying windows with this protected coating that is on top of the cost of the windows.

There are many different types of UV coatings depending on what type of window and also which manufacturer you choose. Some UV coatings work better than others.

Some of the more effective UV coatings require special cleaning instructions that are very different then how you normally handle cleaning windows. A lot of stronger chemicals cannot be used on the inside of the windows as it can damage the coating on the windows.

Some of the UV coatings can be easily damaged by anything sharp (finger nails or scrappers). This can be a real problem when it comes to protecting the windows on the inside during construction from drywall mud and paint splatter as you will be hard pressed to remove it without the use of a scrapper or a razor blade.

Talk to your general contractor about the options and the costs when choosing your windows and whether it is really worth it for you to purchase UV protection on your windows.

Rob Abbott
Village Builders Inc.

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