Thursday, January 22, 2015

Who will be in charge of my renovation job?


Who will be in charge of my job?


This is an important question to ask.

In small remodeling companies the owner of the company is onsite physically doing the work every day, but in a professionally run renovation company that has more than a couple of employees and has several renovations on the go of varying sizes at any time there will be a management structure.

The management structure is there to ensure that your home renovation is completed in a timely manner, the job is completed with the proper fit and finish (high level of quality) and that you receive exactly what you paid for.

In my company (Village Builders) we have a lead carpenter that acts as the Project Manager (PM). Depending on the size and scale of your renovation the PM will make every attempt to meet with you the homeowner every time you require a site meeting or site visit. The PM is also in charge of all the Village Builders employee's that are working on the job and any sub contractors that are working there as well.

There is someone overseeing the operations of all renovations going on in the company and that is the Operations Manager. There job is to ensure that the appropriate manpower is allocated to the different jobs to maximize efficiency and also to help the PM’s meet there timelines.They also are the ones that will order the proper materials and see that extra work is charged accordingly or quoted for the specifications that the homeowner has asked for.

This structure allows the homeowner to have two different people to voice concerns or questions too. It also allows greater flexibility for the homeowner when scheduling meetings because they have two different people that they can schedule with depending on their needs and personal schedule.

The structure lends it to having a checks and balances as the operations manager that isn’t physically doing the work is able to step back and look at the overall big picture and make sure everything is completed according to the approved contract.

Rob Abbott
Village Builders Inc.

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